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DESC.info is developed by ETV in collaboration with the South Carolina Partnership for Distance Education. Through the site, ETV strives to promote distance education, within and beyond South Carolina, for the benefit of the state's citizens and its education providers too. Officially launched in December 2002, DESC.info's offerings are steadily growing.

ETV is well known for its illuminating, inspiring, and entertaining television and yet it is much more. Our innovative, multi-media approach enhances educational experiences for educators and students in public schools, colleges, technical colleges and universities, and offers continuing educational resources to state agencies, hospitals and South Carolina businesses. ETV’s futuristic digital television services (DTV), with multiple channels and value-added interactive web components, will further expand and revolutionize our capability to expand horizons.

ETV partners with individuals, groups, state agencies and community leaders to explore the issues that affect and shape our lives. Every day, through digital television, telecommunications, local and national productions, quality programs and more, ETV brings South Carolinians vital and illuminating information.

We make a difference in the lives of our viewers and users. Why? We understand and respect South Carolinians' quest for life-long learning.

The South Carolina Partnership for Distance Education is a voluntary, collaborative organization with the purpose of increasing access to education for all the state’s citizens through the use of technology. Its members include public and independent higher education institutions, preK-12 school districts, public libraries, governmental agencies (including SCETV), businesses, industries, and health care organizations. All of these groups are involved in developing and utilizing distance education courses. The new digital capabilities allow all of the partners to better share resources through a “PreK- Lifetime” approach.


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