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Overview of DESC.info

DESC.info (Distance Education South Carolina) is developed by ETV in collaboration with the South Carolina Partnership for Distance Education. DESC.info brings K12, higher education, continuing education, and professional training distance education courses, degree programs, seminars and workshops from across the state of SC as close as your computer.

At DESC.info, you can:
  • Identify courses, degree programs and other educational or training opportunities that are available via distance education in SC

  • Search courses, programs, etc. by provider, discipline, term, level, and delivery method

  • View descriptions, enrollment/registration procedures, prerequisites, tuition and fees, and other relevant information for listed courses, programs, etc.

  • Connect directly to the distance education providers to apply, register, enroll, or ask questions

  • Find resources supporting distance education (New to distance learning? Click here to learn more about it.)

All participating K12 schools and higher education institutions are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

All academic higher education courses and degree programs have been reviewed by the participating colleges and universities against a common standard, the Principles of Good Practice, developed by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB).


Developed by ETV, (803) 737-3682, desc.info@scetv.org